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Our Story

About Metrolink

For years, companies and organizations have struggled to manage their data flows, even despite the fact that the latest advances in cyber and IoT tech made data collection easier, and machine learning promised to turn the data into business value at lightning speed. And yet, businesses still found themselves flooded with vast, complex, diverse, and changing data, which took a lot of time and resources to process before any analysis.

Companies are dependent on their data engineers and developer teams to construct complex data infrastructures. This results in swelling dark data stockpiles and deep frustration among analysts and data scientists, who are forced to spend up to 60% of their time on wrangling with data instead of generating insights, and, ultimately, perpetuates the need to invest more and more into data.

At, we are developing a platform that aims to simplify the data handling and integration process and thus enable companies and organizations to gain much more value from the data in a short time, letting data scientists and developers focus on their core tasks.

Data analyst

In the digital world, data drenches everything: business decisions, operations, forecasts and post-mortems. Lately, we hear about the need for good “data plumbing.” And it’s a perfect metaphor, because when your data infrastructure isn’t working properly, the problems can get as messy – and serious – as a burst sewage pipe. Data flows into an organization regularly, sometimes in much higher volumes than intended. Advanced applications are often used to generate insights from it, but the infrastructure is insufficient or outdated and certainly not up for handling the unprecedented amounts of data generated today. Some of that data is inaccessible to those who need it, and existing solutions are only partial. This is in contrast to the information-production tools that have improved significantly, thanks to the exceptional capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This is where Metrolink comes in. Metrolink is a Unified platform that allows organization design and manage their data pipelines according to their business requirements. This by enabling intuitive UI, advanced manipulations on diverse & complex data with high performance, in a way that amplifies data value while leveraging all data functions and data privacy in the organization

Metrolink’s vision for modern data integration is guided by “data handling made easier” as our main principle. Hence, we make sure that all of the technology behind DataOps management are both bullet proof and agile at the same time despite constant change. Metrolink’s core spark is bases on a modern outtake of real understanding of the data plumbers and their piggyback issues.  We know that Business comes first- and therefore, we will always inspire to amplify value while maximizing efficiency of human resources.

Our vision

Our strategy

As a unified self-service Data Operations platform, Metrolink allows organizations to dynamically build, adjust and deploy data pipelines according to their business requirements, using all of their data sources while leveraging the analyst and data privacy. Metrolink can work in any environment (any cloud / on-prem) while keeping high performance standards even when processing the most complex real-world data. Metrolink capabilities enable organizations to focus on the core of their business without having to move more and more resources to managing their data flows.