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Data Plumbing as a Platform

Check out our common Use Cases

Challenge 01
Detection of routine anomalies and suspicious activities for real-time alert and action to reduce vulnerability and malicious activity.
Solution 01
Near online Correlation of stream & rest data and Aggregation of sources around the same parameter (ex, time & place).
Challenge 02
long data preperation time in the evaluation phase og ML models.
Solution 02
Versioning and Rapid data preparation for Evaluating and Tagging Data models using diverse datasets as a basis for improving machine learning tools.
Challenge 03
Embedding AI Applications along the pipeline (Ex: OCR, face recognition).
Solution 03
Embedding AI application as part of Metrolink transformers stack OR connecting to an external AI service by API.
Challenge 04
Using identical sets of data for different purposes.
Solution 04
Easy re-use of same/modified Data pipeline.

Why Metrolink ?

Logic based pipeline

Translation of business logical thinking into the process of designing and implementing the data pipeline. we think business first, not data first.

Built for everyone

Metrolink has a No-Code foundation with Code implementation for advanced users.

Trial & error

Metrolink leverages trial and error methods, for design and debugging with its on-board unique probing tool.


Embedding AI Applications along the pipeline.


Versioning and Rapid data preparation for Evaluating and Tagging Data models.

Grow as you go

Metrolink allows you to start working with a small amount of data and grow according to the need and satisfaction of the user. There is no need to replace infrastructure or cancel previous capabilities.