Our platform is a unified dataops platform that allows your organization to rapidly and dynamically build, adjust and deploy data pipelines according to the business and operational needs, using all the organization’s data sources, reducing the dependency on data engineering, devops and outside contractors leveraging the analyst and data privacy.

  • Metrolink is generic and can be used for all business verticals and for any  business use. The variety of connectors & loaders easily connects the platform to any database, file system and data stream the organizations uses.
  • Metrolink comes as a package, embedded and integrated with the needed services which makes it any cloud and on-prem ready.
  • Metrolink is a design & deploy platform creating and adjusting the pipeline from a sketch to operation “with a click”. This optimizes the data scientist’s time and allows him to focus on data science.
  • Metrolink leverages trial and error methods, for design and debug with its on-board unique probing tool.
  • Metrolink’s high performance data containers  implement the designed data manipulation with filtration, transformation, enrichment and correlation tools, towards the desired pipeline logic.
  • Data manipulation along the pipeline improves efficiency and performance (ex – saving read/write events to the database).
  • Metrolink has a No-Code foundation with Code implementation for advanced users.
  • Metrolink is a self DevOps implementation, deployment and maintenance platform, saving the time and dependency on IT procedures.