For years organizations have accumulated data (whether intentionally or not) and used it for various purposes. 

Trends of recent years in the realms of IOT, advertising and social networks have led to an exponential growth of varied data amounts, to the point of flooding. Allegedly, more data means that organizations gain better knowledge. Unfortunately, it did the exact opposite: it became much more frustrating to consume crystal clear data with today’s chaotic landscape. The fact is that most of today’s organizations are incapable of efficiently dealing with their enormous amounts of different data streams.

While data applications have miraculously matured (the worlds of AI and ML), data handling, also known as “data plumbing”, hasn’t aligned with the current status. As a result, data scientists spend most of their time cleaning and preparing the data for advanced research purposes, but they have almost no time left to perform advanced analytical research.

Up until today, these organizations tried to tackle this problem by either adding more headcount to their staff, adopting tailored solutions for specific problems, data sources or by outsourcing projects or recruiting developers to address the issue instead of investing their time in the company’s core business. Beyond the fact that these solutions provide only a partial remedy, they require organizations to expose their most sensitive data to a third-party vendor, make them deal with an issue – data plumbing – that is not their core expertise, and force them to spend unnecessary money and manpower, just because there has been no other choice.

Today, there is a better option. At Metrolink, we believe that Data Science & Machine Learning (DSML) are the most important domains of our time. Yet, there will be no science without good data. Metrolink provides data plumbing as a platform (PAAP) that enables organizations to orchestrate the data flow independently and intuitively, and in a way that amplifies value while maximizing the efficiency of human resources and reducing overhead.

As a unified self-service Data Operations platform, Metrolink allows organizations to dynamically build, adjust and deploy data pipelines according to their business requirements, using all of their data sources and while leveraging the analyst and data privacy. Metrolink can work in any environment (any cloud / on-prem) while keeping high-performance standards even in complicated real-world data. Metrolink capabilities enable organizations to focus on the core of their business without being bothered by the need to handle data flow and the ability to make effective use of it.

Metrolink is led by a founding team that has years of experience with hands-on data problem-solving in critical missions and high-performance scenarios. Our understanding of the problem brings us to the conclusion that only implementation of Metrolink’s capabilities can provide groundbreaking results like NO other known alternative can compete.

At the end of the day, Metrolink is all about giving organizations back the power to independently access and use more data, intuitively, in accordance with their changing needs, while using state-of-the-art technology.

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