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Data Workflow for Everyone
Data Integration done - faster, better, cheaper


The Future OS for Data

Metrolink is

a high -performance unified [omni]platform which is layered on any existing infrastructure for seamless onboarding. Metrolink’s intuitive design empowers any organization to govern its data integration by arming it with advanced manipulations aimed to maximize diverse and complex data, refocus human resources, and ​eliminate overhead.

The Challenges

Data Flow

Diverse, complex, multi-Source, streaming data with rapidly changing use cases.

Data Prep

6-12 month process to get new data fully operational.

Lack of Data Engineers

High price tag for data engineers and third-party ״software as a service” companies.


Spending much more of the talent on data utilities, losing the focus on the core business.

Our Solutions

Complex and diverse data

Dealing with all types of data (stream & rest).

Easy to use

Can be used by anyone in the organization (data analysts, data scientists, data engineers) – Reducing the dependence of data users on each other and in particular on data engineer.

Time to Value

Opening bottlenecks in the process shortens the duration of the data preparation process to a few hours, at most.

Cost reduction

Significant reduction of required development and engineering resources – cost reduction and focus of development teams on core business tasks.